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AG1 4 Chamber Expansion

AG1  4 Chamber Expansion

AG1 4 Chamber Expansion

An Expansion chamber is used on a gun operating on CO2. The CO2 flows out of the tank and into the expansion chamber allowing the CO2 to expand and warm up. This process increases the paintball marker's accuracy. The more chambers an expansion chamber has the better it works.

-4 Stage Expansion Chamber
-Works with all paintball markers.

Compatible with paintball markers from these manufactures:

32 Degrees
32 Degrees makes the Icon and Rebel marker series as well as the PT Extreme paintball pistol.

Action Markers
Action produces Sentinel (semi-auto) Illusion (pump) AM-4 (rec-ball) and Diadem (electro-pneumatic) paintball guns.

Air Gun Designs
AGD is best known for the Automag and Minimag.

Ariakon makes the Sim-4 and Sim-5 series the Toro and the Ariakon Combat Pistol.

Bob Long
Bob Long makes the Intimidator series including the Alias and Dragon.

Brass Eagle
Afterburner Avenger Marauder Talon Ghost Striker

Diablo makes the Mongoose paintball gun series as well as the Wrath Vendetta Slayer and X.

Dye Precision
Dye offers the DM4 and DM5 paintball guns.

Hybrid Paintball
Hybrid makes the Quest Numatrix and Rival Numatic paintball guns.

Indian Creek Designs
Indian Creeks makes the popular Bushmaster series.

JT USA makes the Quadra Protium and Tetra paintball guns as well as the Excellerator series.

Kingman USA
Kingman manufactures the popular Spyder semi-auto and electronic series of paintball guns.

PMIs extensive line of Piranha guns and the Razzor barrel.

Psychoballistics makes the Silver Bullet and Silver Bullet LCD plus the Delta .68 paintball pistol.

Smart Parts
Smart Parts makes the Impulse Shocker and Nerve paintball guns.

Syndicate features the Paradox series Jinx and low-pressure Misfit paintball guns.

Tippmann makes the popular A-5 98 Custom and Pro Custom
Genesis Prodigy Orion and Revelation.

WDP makes the famed Angel line of markers

Worr Game Products
Worr (aka WGP) makes one of the most famous paintball guns out there the Autococker.

ZAP Paintball
Zap makes the ZXS

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